Confidential shipment

Sending confidential (company) data on the internet can be intercepted by hackers. Confidential and top secret information transport

First of all we can deliver all your confidential and urgent shipments national and international. After delivery we will inform you personally that the shipment has been delivered.

If you want your court documents or apostille(s) to be delivered safely and reliably. We deliver to all the courts in the Netherlands. We regularly drive to all courts in the Netherlands such as Arnhem, Amsterdam, Groningen, Leeuwarden and Rotterdam. Based on your wishes we can send you the proof of delivery digitally, the apostille (s) we will bring back personally.

First of all we are very aware of the care in which confidential and valuable shipments must be delivered. Because it’s important that this is delivered to the right person.

Here too the courier who collects the shipment also delivers it straight to the addressee. You are always sure that your shipment arrives. And if the person for whom the shipment is intended is not present we will first contact you about what to do with the shipment.

confidential courier in the Netherlands