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Relible Take Off Couriers

If it fits in a car we can transport it!

You have a shipment that needs to be delivered Rapidly and safely. Actually immediately, delivered today or for example delivery tomorrow in Munich. We at Take Off Couriers are at your service 24 hours a day.

Our strengths are: a courier within 30 minutes at your company in Arnhem and surroundings, act quickly, more than 22 years of experience and extensive possibilities. We will personally inform you of the time of delivery.


What does this mean for you? You know that your shipment is in good hands. We deliver your shipment directly to the delivery address without transshipment. You are sure that your shipment will be delivered completely.
You are already busy enough with your own business, that is why we want to unburden you. Call us and we will ensure that your shipment is delivered by the fastest route. Thanks to the professionals of Take Off Couriers you do not have to worry about anything because you can trust that it will work out.

Take Off Couriers has been working for years with a number of highly motivated pensioners as permanent freelancers. Our team ensures daily that we are a reliable address for sending urgent and confidential shipments. Thanks to our experience of 22 years, we can handle the service and quality you expect from a courier. Are you looking for a special solution for sending a shipment, challenge us, we will gladly solve it for you. With our team we can guarantee high delivery reliability and an efficient working method. We are small enough to be flexible, with an eye for the specific wishes of you.

Our company is located in Arnhem the capital of Gelderland. Arnhem is the hub between the Randstad and the Ruhr area, but also between the north and the south of the Netherlands. Take Off Couriers find your destination in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe effortlessly in no time.
You can see from our references that our customers appreciate our approach and personal commitment.

You will not find more security anywhere!