International shipment

If you have an international shipment. It is important that you have a courier who is aware of all regulations regarding transport in every European country. We at Take Off Couriers are familiar with these regulations so that your shipment will not be delayed at the border or during the journey. Take Off Couriers is always looking for a solution to your satisfaction.

We guarantee that your package will be delivered to your customer faster than by the other transport companies. The package will not be lost on the way. “Other companies collect the packages from different senders. After this it goes to a sorting center, then to the depot and after that transferred to a truck or plane”. The courier from Take Off Couriers brings the package directly to the destination by car without transshipment. When the package goes by air the courier will carry the shipment as hand luggage and bring it direct to the destination on arrival. Where large companies do this in a number of days we can arrange this in hours.

transportation from or to Germany:

Because of our location close to Germany we can very quickly pick up your shipment in Germany. We directly bring it to your company or other address in the Netherlands or Europe. All our cars are equipped with a green environmental sticker (environmental vignette), so we can also get into all inner cities.

You will not find more security anywhere.