Take Off Couriers

Take Off couriers Arnhem

Where other transporters work with collective depots, Take Off Couriers always works with personal transport.

Our working method is 24 hours of personal accessibility, quick response (within 30 minutes a shipment is picked up in Arnhem and surroundings), direct action (the shipment is delivered directly to the Netherlands and abroad) and short lines. Moreover, trust is our top priority.

This means for your shipment :You give us your order by telephone. Our courier reports within 30 minutes in Arnhem and surrounding area and receives the shipment. He keeps the consignment under control to the place of destination and delivers it to adressee, at home and abroad. You will be informed by telephone of the delivery with the name of the person who received it and the time of delivery.

This way you can safely send all your confidential shipments, or shipments with large values ​​such as contracts, reports or legal documents, delivered by us.

The courier of Take Off Couriers accompanies the shipment up to the delivery. Our courier is, as it were, a extension of your company. It seems like your own employee is delivering the package.

We also deliver shipments of a larger size. With the deployment of mobility tenants, we can also transport these larger shipments as a matter of urgency.

We consider a number of values ​​important to our customers:

  • Meet what you promise.
  • Keep personal contact.
  • Tidy and confidential dealing with the shipments.
  • The drivers must follow the rules in traffic.

Arnhem and surroudings:

courier within 30 min in Arnhem and surrouding area